Information about Guide Dogs

Learn about guide dogs and general accessibility on the following pages:

  • A man and his guide dog stand near a gigantic waterfall on a stone bridgeGuide Dog Schools: lists schools throughout the US and includes contact information
  • Guide Dog School Surveys: A GDUI Exclusive!! GDUI sent a survey to guide dog schools requesting information about their individual policies on everything from puppy raising to post-graduation.  This page links to the resulting information, organized in several useful ways for comparison and in-depth school analysis.
  • Guide Dog Access: briefly describes the accessibility rights of Guide Dog Users, and also mentions GDUI's legislative and advocacy capabilities.
  • Guide Dogs and the ADA
  • GDUI Accessibility & Legal Resource Center: provides links to a plethora of legislative, advocacy, and informational resources.
  • Guide Dog Related Documents: a list of links to informational resources, handbooks, FAQ pages, etc. within our website